The Glenmuir Past Students’ Association is an association formed for the purpose of enhancing and advancing the vision, mission and values of the school by supporting the areas of health, economic and social conditions of students at Glenmuir High School. It is also an organization which provides opportunities for networking and fellowship between past and present students of Glenmuir.

As a Glenmuir alumnus, there are benefits to you joining the association. You can benefit from the fellowship with past school mates, establishing professional networks, mentorship opportunities and enriching the Glenmuir experience for the present cohort of students who will be the future members of the alumni.

The Association has a general meeting each year (AGM) with monthly meetings of the executive committee. Please join our mailing list if you would like to receive notices about our meetings. Also, meeting dates will be posted on this website.

Any graduate of Glenmuir High School (GHS) or anyone who has completed at least one year of schooling at GHS, or any member of GHS staff (whether past or present) who has taught in an academic, vocational or athletic programme is eligible for membership in this GHSPSA.

Yes, there are chapters outside of Jamaica. The current chapters are:

1. South Florida, USA

2. New York, USA

3. Toronto, Canada

4. London, United Kingdom