The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is a 10-year vision plan for the construction of a multipurpose innovation block at Glenmuir High School to promote teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to support the nurturing of students who will be equipped to better contribute to national development.

There has always been a demand for the science programme at Glenmuir High School. The existing laboratory infrastructure, which has remained mostly unchanged since the inception of the school, is insufficient to meet the current demand. Consequently, it was former principal (and Biology teacher) of Glenmuir High, Mrs. Monacia Williams who conceived the idea of a facility that would rise to the increasing demands and enhance science-learning at the institution. This idea motivated the dedicated past students to support the vision of establishing an innovation centre that would enhance the teaching and learning of the sciences as well as other aspects of the STEAM curriculum. The project is estimated to cost Jamaican three hundred and fifty million dollars.

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