Beyond business: Anna Chang-Liao’s vision of community as family

FOR Anna Chang-Liao, co-owner of National Self-Serve Wholesale in May Pen, the concept of family extends beyond her own kin to her customers, friends and the community around her. Hard work is for serving family and business alike. Perhaps this is why she is gaining recognition both as a businesswoman and a philanthropist.

“What would be in my autobiography?” she reflects, responding to a question in a recent interview. “When I look into myself I was saying… family. Because I always consider myself as a family person and I always say that my workers, my customers, and even my friends, I just consider them as a family.”

In 2019 Chang-Liao received the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Officer (OD) from the Jamaican Government for “contribution to the field of entrepreneurship and philanthropy” affirming the impact of her familial nature in both business and community.


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