Darian Douglas from is the Clarendon champion for the The Gleaner’s Children’s Own Spelling Bee

May Pen, Clarendon: St Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall

1. Darian Douglas, Glenmuir High School

2. Devion Sinclair, Knox College

3. Karese Johnson, Denbigh High School

4. Aliana Spencer, Foundation Preparatory School

5. Geanna Campbell, Knox College

Top boy: Darian Douglas, Glenmuir High School

Top girl: Karese Johnson, Denbigh High School

Winning word:


Coach: Errol Campbell

Number of spellers: 42

Coach on winning: “To God be the glory. I’m really excited because we’ve put in the hard work and we’ve overcome.”

Darian on winning: “I feel good. I feel very good. When I heard the winning word, I remember seeing that word, and I knew I’d get it.”

Danian Douglas (father) on Darian’s win: “It’s a very overwhelming feeling. I’m happy. He trained very hard, and it’s good that his hard work paid off. We’re all very excited.”

Fun fact: This is coach Errol Campbell’s third consecutive win in the parish.

This is Darian’s second time entering the competition and his first win. When asked if he was nervous about going into the unseen words, he said no.

“I didn’t feel nervous about going into the unseen words because I had prepared myself for it.”

The 10-year-old admits that he enjoys spelling and reading and says that I Funny TV: A Middle School Story by James Patterson is his favourite book. He is into sports but wishes to join a few clubs at his school after going to the national finals in February 2019.

“I’m really interested in joining the ISCF Club, Technology Club, Science Club, and Chess Club.”

Campbell states that Darian is a well-rounded speller.

“Darian is a very diligent worker, and he has a wide knowledge of etymologies and meanings, and that’s a great attribute for a national winner.”

Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20181004/gleaners-spelling-bee-i-had-prepared-myself-it-darian

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