Glenmuir Welcomes Youthlink, Creation Foods

Last week, health food company Creation Foods Limited, joined The Gleaner’s Youthlink Magazine to be a part of its pop-up sales day. Both companies embarked on a journey to Glenmuir High School in May Pen to visit the first school on their list for this special event.

The students, educators, and principal warmly welcomed them with open arms, attentiveness and zeal. “This is something that we were very excited to do. We are always looking for ways to interact with our readers that promote literacy and enjoyment. It’s great seeing Glenmuir students take the Youthlink, go under a tree and start a discussion about something in the paper,” said Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink coordinator.

The students were also delighted to receive free product from Creation Foods, with each purchase of a Youthlink.

“I love their strawberry smoothie! It was thick, delicious and well blended. I love the vibrancy of their products, they are very eye-catching,” said upper sixth-form student Toni Burrel. She continued, “The Youthlink is very interesting and inclusive. Each segment caters to different aspects of teenage life. My favourite section in the Youthlink is the study guide. It is very informative and proved helpful in my studies.”

Robin-Kaye Richardson, a representative from Creation Foods Ltd, said, “Glenmuir High is the school our general manager, Naomi Morris ,attended, so it was a lovely opportunity to give back,” she said.

“We were able to give away close to 200 products, which were our Almond & Plantain Porridge mix, and our newly added coconut chip. We also made some delicious treats for sampling: oatmeal cookies and smoothies, ranging from creamy peanut, almond to strawberry made from our very own products,” she added.

After listening to the Glenmuir choir do a special performance for the team, Youthlink coordinator Kareem LaTouche said, “We were slated to be here for 30 minutes, but ended up staying for three hours due to the positive response we were getting from students. Glenmuir has set a standard that I expect all the other schools we are visiting to maintain.”

Situated in Manchester, Creation Foods Limited was founded in July 2000 and is owned and operated by Christian vegetarians Naomi Morris and Neville Morris.


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